September Favorites


“I believe in the ocean curing all bad moods. I believe in the waves wiping away worries. I believe in seashells bringing good luck. I believe in toes in the sand grounding my soul.”

It’s wild how you can think that not a lot can change in a month: It’s only thirty days. Each day that I write and learn I feel so inspired and I have so many ideas that swirl around my head that need to be put on paper or manifested. It’s like I have one huge vision and a million little ones that I want to accomplish also, so it can get a little overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I am working to work for myself and be my own boss and I truly enjoy each day and I am so grateful for all these leaps of faith that I have taken in the last couple of months. I have made HUGE financial leaps into the unknown and a lot of savings goals to build my gear bag to where I want it to be. I think I have all this creativity that feels limited by the single 35mm 1.4 lens that I own. Anyway, with that being said, always trust that you are taken care of. Always.

This month I stumbled in and out of routine by visiting my family for two weeks. It was honestly the best weeks I have spent with my family for a long time. I traveled all across the state to see them all and it’s nice having everyone together under one roof to share stories and life stuff with. I gracefully swan-dived into a project that will be unveiled probably in the latter half of December, but I am stoked to start it up in October and get my vision created.

So, with all that being said, these are my day to day “normal life” favorites that I hope you guys try out and enjoy. (It’s still hot here in Texas so I am still living out my Summer until it finally starts to cool down lol)





Southwest Airlines
– Ever since my home base switched to Texas, I have been through tons of flights to and from my home state, Missouri. After about a year of traveling back and forth multiple times, I can proudly say that Southwest Airlines is the bomb! The only issue I have had with them was a two-hour flight delay. I wasn’t in a rush in the first place, and their rewards programs and offers make up for that in my opinion. You get two FREE checked bags on every flight, there is no extra fee for changing a flight (except the change in fare price), and even if you cancel up until the day before your flight, you have the option to have that credited to your account or a full reimbursement. Also, not to mention if you reach 100 flights or 110,000 points, you earn a companion pass which means you pick one person to travel FOR FREE with you for a whole year; that’s insane. Whenever I am traveling domestically in the United States, you bet I am going to be on a Southwest flight! (This isn’t sponsored I am just really passionate about great benefits and free stuff lol)






Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.47.03 AM



Pull & Bear High Waisted Denim Shorts – When I found these shorts at the Pull & Bear store in Bali, it was like the gates of heaven opened and shined a light in the dressing room. I have tried on countless pairs of high waisted shorts and ended up putting them back because they never looked right on my body type, but these bad boys fit me like a glove! I bought them in a medium and light wash, although I should have purchased like five pairs. You can’t buy or order them online in the United States, so I’ll have to wait for my next trip abroad to snag a pair. I purchased these over a year ago, so I don’t believe they are available anymore, sadly. (pictured is a similar pair or exact pair)






White Classic Vans – Everyone and their mom have a pair of these shoes, but honestly, they’re so timeless that they’re great for styling any outfit. Mine are a little beat up from the years of use, but after adding a bit of bleach and running them through the washer they’re in a lot better shape. I also have a red pair that I wear all the time as well.


Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.44.26 AMRound Rim Ray Bans – I think I have had this same pair of sunglasses for over four years now, and trust me, they have taken a beating lol. They fit my face so well and I think they match with any outfit I put on. The lenses are incredibly beat up as you can probably tell, but I plan on buying some polarized lenses in the future maybe. I love these and I don’t plan on replacing them anytime soon.





Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.58.07 PM

Our Year So Far / DoYouTravel x GypseaLust
– I have followed these two on Instagram for a while and they really took the world by storm in the last year and literally changed the way people capture travel photos. I think their style is so natural and their edits are so simple and clean that it’s hard to not scroll through their accounts for hours and hours. Last year they released this video titled “Our Year So Far” from their last five or so months of travel and it’s absolutely beautiful. If you have followed them as long as I have, it’s like seeing their photos in motion which is really personal and draws you in.






Crumb / Locket – I don’t really know how to describe this song other than unique and unlike anything else I have heard before. It’s very soothing and peaceful and something you can put on to just chill (aka the best kind of song). The music video is pretty interesting too and part of the whole musical experience so I would watch it while you listen.


Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.40.59 PM

RAINING IN T O K Y O (Lofi Hip-Hop)
– I have always been drawn to the idea of living in Tokyo for some reason and I’m not sure if that’s why I enjoy this playlist to begin with but it’s just really calm and soothing. I mentioned another Lofi Hip-Hop playlist in my February Favorites┬áif you’re interested in checking out that as well. It’s a much better “work music” alternative because you don’t get distracted by your favorite songs and end up diving into the black hole of Youtube.




Celoso / Lele Pons – This song is in Spanish just a forewarning, but it’s really good. With all of the Youtubers starting to make music I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this one this month. Lele is a well known Viner and now Youtuber, so that’s probably why this name is probably very familiar for most of you. I don’t follow her, but this song is really nice.




Savages / Marina and The Diamonds – I have been a Marina and The Diamonds fan for literally as long as I can remember it seems. I remember listening to her around the same time I discovered The Weeknd, which was around 2012/2013 (these were the highlights of my Tumblr years if you couldn’t tell already). I think she has such a unique voice and she has constantly produced girl power ANTHEMS that I will continue to replay. Her albums “Froot” (where this song is featured) and her iconic album, “Electra Heart” have two completely different feels so make sure you give both a listen.




Feels Like Summer / Childish Gambino – If it’s your first time listening to this song, you need to watch the video with it as well. I have always loved Childish Gambino/Donald Glover’s music and I am actually really excited for his transition away from rap. This song pretty much symbolizes that (based off of what I took away from the video). I think the album artwork is pretty sweet too lol.









Almond Milk Creamer (Cashew Milk/Maple Syrup) – I didn’t know something as simple as creamer could elevate my coffee experience the way it does, but here we are. I don’t really have a favorite considering I haven’t actually purchased a specific brand myself. It all started during my trip to Okinawa this spring and my sister hoarded like four bottles of this creamer at a time (gotta love that island life) and for good reason. This stuff was B O M B. If I don’t have any coffee creamer on hand, I will toss in some almond milk and maple syrup and it’s pretty good, but nothing has compared to the experience of actual creamer.


Vegan Garlic Bread – I have no shame when it comes to the volume at which I consume garlic bread (I could finish a whole loaf by myself lol). I think we can all collectively agree on this one, so I’m just going to leave it here. For my fellow vegans, one loaf of sourdough topped with olive oil, freshly minced garlic, salt, and pepper, pop it in the oven until golden brown; you’re welcome.





Dandelion Tea – It was at this moment at the grocery store where I realized just how vegan I actually was, and this describes it perfectly. The only flavor I can compare this to is the beef broth ramen noodle flavor? It sounds really nasty, but it’s actually a really nice earthy flavor that I enjoy a lot. I read that it improves digestion so I took it up on that offer and so far I haven’t noticed any real time results but I will keep y’all posted.





Health and Beauty


Aztec Clay Healing Mask – Up until I got this mask, I really thought that this whole like “self-care” face mask thing was really a big placebo and they really don’t do anything, but this bad boy….. wow. The overall experience of the mask is a no from me considering you can feel your face pulsing (which is how it is advertised and they did not disappoint) and it itches all at the same time BUT DON’T LET THIS STEER YOU AWAY. My skin? Glowing? My acne? Gone. This mask serves results overnight and I love using it like once a week and giving my skin the little pick-me-up it needs.






Dr. Bronner’s Anise Toothpaste – I finally made the switch off of my activated charcoal toothpaste and have started to use somewhat real toothpaste. I love this stuff because it isn’t too overpowering and it still leaves your mouth feeling good and fresh. I have tried the cinnamon flavor too and they’re both pretty solid if you want to give them a try.




Personal Health

Planning – I used to be able to keep my entire life inside my head, but now with my hectic schedule among projects, due dates, blog posts, etc.. This brain can only remember so much. I have been using my calendar on my computer since I am too cheap to buy a planner right now (no shame) and it has helped so much in giving me a visual and allowing me to plan out my posts ahead of time and really get organized in terms of building my business and things like that. The inspiration for this actually came from my old Lily Pulitzer planner that I used my senior year of high school and I wanted that same feeling of having the weight of everything in my mind taken out and put down on paper.


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