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My Big Travel Bucket List

With a world as “great big” as this one is, bucket list destinations and experiences are plentiful. Quite possibly my favorite part about travel bucket lists is that they’re always unique to the individual so no two lists are ever the exact same! A lot of my bucket list experiences are centered around adventure travel,

20 Incredibly Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel

Okay, fine! I’ll admit it! I am obsessively frugal to the core of my being. I am always on the hunt for creative ways to save money for travel that are easy to implement and fun for me to keep track of in my daily life. After constantly throwing away money on things that didn’t

The 50 BEST Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

Finding that shell-shocking, immaculate, dare I say, the best gift for outdoor lovers can seem like a bit of a hassle with the overwhelming amount of outdoor stores, brands swirling around AND not to mention the stress of the holidays on top of all of that. This gift guide will cover all the best gifts

The 50 Best Gifts For Hikers

As Micheal Bublé defrosts and the holidays come right around the corner, shopping for the best gifts for hikers, and anyone else for that matter, is at the top of everyone’s to-do list. For those of you that have a hiker in your life, getting them the BEST gift this season is going to be

The Top 10 BEST Hostels In Reykjavik

Let’s be honest here. You know it. I know it. Your neighbor knows it; Iceland is expensive. Well, for a lot of people they end up spending a ton of money in Iceland, but my trip to Iceland didn’t cost me as much as a lot of other travelers. If there is one thing that

How I Choose Where To Travel Next

So, Aaren, you have an entire map of the world in your hands… How the hell did you decide on Iceland, The Philippines, Scotland, Indonesia, Utah, and Japan? “How do you decide where to travel to next?” While my intuition plays an enormous role in the places I choose to travel to, my budget, preferred

50 Scotland Travel Tips For An Unforgettable Trip

On my first visit to Scotland, there was so much that I didn’t know when I arrived. SO. MUCH. And as I scrolled through my Scotland content, wondering what else you guys would need to plan a perfect trip, I was dumbfounded that I had not written any Scotland travel tips?! SO, here I am,

Hiking The Old Man Of Storr: The Isle Of Skye’s Crown Jewel

Scotland’s hiking scene, especially in the Isle of Skye, is like no other place in the world and you must make time to explore this area and the Old Man of Storr hike on your Scotland itinerary. This hike is without a doubt one of my favorite hikes that I have ever done because it’s