How + Why I Use Kiwi.Com To Book All My Flights

(Last Updated On: 13/09/2020)

One of the biggest expenses of traveling is always the flight, but no matter where you are in the world, you can score some great deals by choosing the right website or search engine! My favorite website to find the best deals on is After years and years of scouring the internet for cheap flights, Kiwi has always come out on top for having flight deals hundreds of dollars cheaper than other booking sites, and they even have a Kiwi.Com Guarantee that will cover you for any bumps along the way, but I’ll touch more on that later on. This post contains my favorite features on Kiwi, how to book, and a price comparison between Kiwi, Kayak, Momondo, Skyscanner, and Google Flights for proof that Kiwi truly is the best website for cheap fares!


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Why Kiwi Is My Preferred Booking Site



Cheap Flight Prices

If it wasn’t already given away by the title of this post, Kiwi consistently offers the cheapest flights anywhere in the world. I want to put more emphasis on the word “cheapest” because I have found that while others promote different booking sites for having the best deals, Kiwi always has better prices. I know this from years and years of experience, but I did a little experiment with other booking sites below to show you the difference in cost between Kiwi vs. Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, + Google Flights; some of the most competitive booking sites in the industry!

Detailed Flight Filters

One of the best things about Kiwi is that they offer nine flight filtering options that allow you to customize your flight for your specific preferences. These nine categories are Transport, Stops, Duration, Days & Times, Carriers, Stopover Airports, Bags, Allow Return From A Different Airport, and Allow Return To A Different Airport.

Choose Multiple Inbound/Outbound Airports + Date Ranges + Region Searches

If you want to conduct the same search to a destination from a couple of different destinations, then Kiwi has you covered. You can choose as many outbound and inbound airports as you like, so you’re able to find the cheapest airport to fly out of. I have been using this to book my flights for 2019 and it has knocked hundreds of dollars off my final total. My favorite feature that pairs great with the airport options is the date range tool that allows you to give a general span of time that you would like to leave from rather than having it down to the exact day. This is great for people that only have a rough idea of when they are traveling, have an open schedule, or those who are looking for the cheapest days of the month to fly. For a triple threat, there is also a tool where you can search by region and all of the big and smaller airports in the country you choose!

The Kiwi.Com Guarantee(s)

One of the most notable benefits of booking using Kiwi is their guarantee. Since they are technically considered a third-party booking site and they craft cheap routes for you, they will cover you for any bumps in the road, and pay for any inconveniences made by traveling with them (I haven’t had any issues after years flying with them). These are amazing benefits, especially considering some booking sites hang you out to dry when these things happen.

  • Flight Delays, Cancellations, Flight Schedule Changes → Alternative Flight or Refund The Cost
  • Transport To Another Airport
  • Overnight Accommodation (If the delay is more than eight hours overnight)
  • Food & Drink (If layover exceeds four hours)



Easy Access To Bookings Across All Airlines (Even If You’re Offline)

There have been so many times where I have had to hopscotch between my bookings so that I could find my information for my domestic and international flights, and thankfully, I never have to do that again. By using Kiwi, all you booked flights are in one spot, so you are able to clearly see all the information you need within one app. I also use the App In The Air app to organize my flights, so if you’re more comfortable finding your flight through Kiwi and then booking with the airline, this app will keep track of all your flights and give you real-time updates.



Kiwi Vs. Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, + Google Flights

Obviously, we need some numbers here to prove that Kiwi provides the cheapest airfare, so I have done a little research myself and gathered information from Kiwi and four of the top booking sites to see which has the best deal, but you probably already know who the winner is going to be, hint-hint, wink-wink.

I am going to conduct a universal search going from DFW to KEF leaving on precise dates so that I can keep the searches consistent. I am doing this search in December of 2018 to plan to fly out May of 2019, so with it being six months before flying, the process will reflect that also. For this, I wanted to use a route that I am following myself, so I am going to be going from Dallas, Texas to Reykjavik, Iceland in the month of May. I’ll be using the two main airports in each of these, DFW and KEF, since they are the most common and will offer the best rates for a roundtrip flight. I will base the search off a week in Iceland, May 8th – 15th. I started with Kiwi and I used their pricing calendar to choose the cheapest departing and returning flights and I came up with the dates shown below so we will be conducting the rest of the searches based on these days.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.12.52 PM


Kayak – ($591): Two, 8+ Hour Layovers | 40+ Total Hours Of Flying

While Kayak did offer a decent flight price of a little under six-hundred dollars, you always have to read the fine print. This flight choice has one stopover to and from, with both of them being over eight hours long. I wasn’t able to select a non-stop option, so all of the flights on this site had at least one layover. Personally, if it meant saving over a hundred dollars to stay a little longer in the airport, I would do it to save, but I know some don’t enjoy long layovers, and we have four more sites to compare, so Kayak has caught my attention, but it’s not the most ideal flight even for myself, so let’s keep looking.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.15.33 PM



Momondo – ($591): Two, 8+ Hour Layovers | 40+ Hours Of Flying

The flight that was on Kayak came up on Momondo, so these two sites offered relatively the same results. Momondo didn’t allow me to select a non-stop option either, so all of these flights include at least one layover as well. While some people recommend Momondo religiously, I have found that every time I find a cheap deal, I am redirected to a sketchy looking website. When I purchase flights it’s normally exceeding $500 depending on where I go, and I like to make sure my money is protected, so I don’t normally use this site for that reason. Some people have great experiences with Momondo and other third parties, so it’s really my preference/opinion on this one.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.13.34 PM



Skyscanner – ($665): Two, 8+ Hour Layovers | 37+ Hours Of Flying

There was about a hundred dollar increase from Kayak/Momondo to Skyscanner, but there is also one less layover, so on your way home you have a direct flight back, which is really nice. One thing to note is the price jump on the previous two sites from five-hundred to seven-hundred. While these two sites offer the cheapest flight, Skyscanner offers many other options with smaller/fewer layovers for less than the price jump of the other two.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.13.56 PM


Google Flights – ($721): One, 5 Hour Layover | 21 Hours Of Flying

Google flights took place for the most expensive flight so far, but also with high-quality airlines. It knocked off over ten hours of flying and over twelve hours of layovers. However, you can always find cheaper flights than this on a good day, so while this is good for what you’re getting, I know that I can find prices way cheaper than this.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.13.46 PM



Kiwi – ($587): Two, 2 Hour Layovers | 24 Hours Of Flying

Remember that I said I would keep looking for a better price? *drumroll* I present to you the best and cheapest airfare to Reykjavik, Iceland! There wasn’t a non-stop option for these dates, so there is one stopover each way, but they are only two hours long. This is a pretty decent price for being in the shoulder season, you can get them cheaper, but as I said, you need to play around with dates and be flexible.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.40.03 PM



Kiwi Part 2 – ($630): Direct Flights Each Way | 16 Hours Of Flying

I played around the dates on Kiwi’s website and found the best option for the best price (on this day that I am searching with the given conditions). I used Kiwi’s date range tool to open up my departure for the entire month of May and set my length of stay or return for a week. So for forty extra dollars, you won’t have any layovers and you’ll be flying with Icelandair, a win-win-win-win-win in my book. This is the flight I would purchase, but not before tracking the price and watching deals and fluctuations! I have seen non-stop flight deals from Dallas to Iceland for around $400 before, so I would save this and keep my eyes peeled for a flash sale.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.57.23 PM

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.57.39 PM


How Does Kiwi Have The Cheapest Routes?

So, code sharing? What is that? It’s essentially where one airline will market the flight under their flight code and company, but it is operated by another airline. What happens on other search engines is that they only search within the top airlines and their code-sharing partners; that’s what separates Kiwi from the rest of them. Kiwi searches across all airlines, budget and the most recognized, and uses travel hacking to find you the cheapest price for each leg of your trip and combines it into one price for you! What used to be a long, search-filled process, is now one search away through Kiwi!



How To Book Using Kiwi

Purchasing a flight with Kiwi is pretty much like any other booking site, but I will walk you through the main steps so you can see what everything looks like, where certain features are, and where you can find your information once your transaction has been processed. First, I will be going through some of my favorite search tools that help me find my dream flights.


Multi-City Feature

If you’re planning any kind of backpacking trip whether it be to Europe, Southeast Asia, or South America, this feature is going to be your lifesaver. You are still able to use all of the normal features of Kiwi, but this time you are making your entire route and paying once rather than booking each flight separately. (If you want more of a rough itinerary, you can use their nomad beta where you put in destinations and lengths of stays, and Kiwi curates an itinerary for you). I have tested this method by finding the specific routes and then using this tool and the prices almost always come out to the same price no matter how you book it. I have shown below my featured trip to Iceland with an additional stop in the Faroe Islands.


Date Range Tool

This is a great tool if you have a flexible travel schedule. You’re able to choose a range of dates (duh lol), and Kiwi will find the cheapest day for your departure and arrival. This has saved me hundreds of dollars just by leaving on a different day.


Region Searching

Once you click on your arrival destination, click on the city again and a small “add places near city” will be under it and you can select that to pull up a region around the place you picked. It’ll look something like this (see below) once it pops up and then you’re able to adjust the circle to whatever you need. You’re able to extend over Europe or SE Asia if you wanted to.


Trip Length

If you know for sure how long you want to be in a place, this is a perfect tool. Instead of choosing a return date, select “trip length” and a meter will pop up where you can choose from a one day stay to a thirty-day stay if you wanted. You can’t go over thirty-one days, so that’s the downside, but if you use the date range tool, that is basically the replacement here for that.


Completing Your Booking

Select Your Flight + Fill In Passenger Information

So once you click “Book For $$$”, it’s going to take you to an overview page that gives you a summary of your flight details as well as the specific pricing. This is where you’re going to fill out your passenger information, make sure you have your passport on hand, choose your baggage, and put in your contact details. At the end of all this, there will be a visa section that will let you know if you may or may not need a visa which is really handy. You can’t purchase them through Kiwi, but this is really handy if you were unsure about your destination.



AirHelp+, Itinerary Invoice, + Payment


So before this page, Kiwi is going to load up a little screen that is going to ask if you want AirHelp+. This is a new feature from Kiwi and it’s basically like flight protection. They offer flight compensation and cost reimbursement support with their services, but since you have travel insurance, and you should, this isn’t a necessary expense. However, it’s only $5.50 USD, so if you want to add even more flight protection, by all means, do it lol.

Once you click continue, a similar looking page is going to pop up, but this time it is going to give you a full overview of flights, passenger details, and baggage selections. This makes it really easy to make sure everything is correct. Below that, it’s going to ask you if you want the invoice sent anywhere other than the email you provided them with. Generally, you won’t need to change it unless someone else is purchasing your flight for you (which would be an A+ scenario). After the invoice is the final step in the booking process, which is your payment information. Fill in your payment information and you’re done!

To view your past and previous flights, click “manage my bookings” in the top right-hand corner. It helps if you have an account so that you can keep track of everything with a log-in so I recommend making an account before you make your final purchase.




Are you ready to plan your adventure?



Have you scored a great deal with Kiwi? Share with me in the comments below!



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how + why i use kiwi to book all my flights

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