20 Essential Apps For Smooth Travel

(Last Updated On: 24/01/2019)


In my day-to-day life, I am always finding ways to reduce the items I own and get rid of the things that don’t need and the same goes for my travel apps!

When it comes to my phone, and my whole life for that matter, I don’t like to have a cluttered living or working area, even digitally. I like to keep all of my iPhone apps to a minimum. After years of traveling around, I have deleted and re-downloaded so many apps to my phone that I finally have my master list of the ones that have worked the best for me and helped me the most on my travels!

These are all of the apps that are always on my phone and I have separated them into categories for you guys so that they are easily navigated; enjoy!



Flight Booking / Trackers


App In The Air – I love this for organizing all of my flights in one place. If you have multiple trips booked with multiple airlines, this is amazing for having everything you need in one place! It even tracks how far you’ve flown, how many flights, airports, airlines, etc.. and ranks you among others! My favorite feature of this app is that it gives you real-time updates so you are always informed of gate changes and delays!

Kiwi – This is the one booking airline booking app that I always have on my phone because they consistently provide the cheapest flight deals than any other site. I use this to find information on my bookings, and whenever I am curious about flight prices for up and coming trips, I plug it into Kiwi to get a general idea of cost. Honestly, sometimes it’s just fun to play around with it and see what the cheapest flights and deals are that are going on and sometimes I even end up setting price alerts for what I find for future reference!

  • Note: I do use other booking apps like Kayak, Booking, and Student Universe, but I will reach for my computer if I am doing in-depth booking just so I can make sure that I can see all of the information in one place, mistake-free.





Airbnb – This is the first place I go to find affordable, unique accommodation and I always keep the app on my phone so I can pull up my bookings and keep all of my information stored on my phone. If you’re not sure what Airbnb is, I have a whole blog post explaining how to book using Airbnb that includes a $40 promo code for your first trip!

HostelWorld – On all of my trips I like to book at least one hostel stay to meet new people and make friends along the road. Hostelworld has consistently had the best, cheapest hostels and it’s always one of the places I reach for whenever I am beginning to book my stays.

Agoda – No matter if I found a few perfect places to stay, I ALWAYS check Agoda because they will have accommodations not listed anywhere else! I have found beautiful hostels and homestays thanks to Agoda and I always recommend scanning their site while booking!






Podcast – I don’t generally listen to podcasts often, but when I do I am generally cleaning or going for a run. I like how podcasts have really evolved in the last year and now they are literally a podcast about anything you can think of! I enjoy “A Beautiful Mess”, “Earth To Us”, “Coffee With Chrachel”, and “Your Own Magic”. Although I haven’t explored podcasts in a little bit, I want to start learning and listening more, so I look forward to putting this app to more use.

Spotify – I would have endured endless amounts of silent flights if it weren’t for my beloved Spotify premium! I love making and saving playlists on my downloads so that I can listen to my favorite music commercial-free music while my phone is on or off the airplane mode! I only pay $10/month and it is worth every cent.

Netflix – I don’t know about you, but binge-watching seasons of my favorite tv show on a thirteen-hour flight across the Pacific is one of the best things to do on a long haul flight! There is a certain selection of downloadable tv shows and movies, but it helps me branch out and watch something new instead of rewatching something that I have already seen.

  • Hack: When you have a layover in a new country, keep your iPhone or iPad on airplane mode and connect to the airport wifi. In doing this, you can gain access to those countries Netflix selections! After you download them they do expire, but it’s great for no matter what length of flight you’re about to board.




Money / Budget


Currency Converter – No matter what country you travel to, you’re going to need one of these on standby so you know what you’re spending. I chose currency converter (the one with the yellow cover) because it matches the rest of my apps nicely and it is simple to switch between multiple currencies.

Nomad Budget – Sticking to a budget is actually a little bit difficult for me, so I like to have this app so that I can know exactly what I spent each day whether I am budgeting or not. I don’t like to exceed a certain limit, so this gives me a good visual on where I can cut back or splurge more.




WhatsApp – I didn’t really think this was necessary until I went to Indonesia and it seemed like everyone under the sun had this app. I don’t use it on a day to day basis, but whenever I am traveling I have found it a lot easier to use this instead of trying to use the standard cell service from my SIM card.

Facetime – This may not be necessary for everyone, but I use this to talk to my boyfriend while I am gone and this is so much better than texting (we’re both pretty bad at it lol). I give my family little tours of where I am staying and it brings a little piece of home into my adventures.

Google Translate – I don’t use this too often, or at least I haven’t yet. The first time I really needed this was when I was dropping off my laundry in Bali and poorly trying to express that I needed my pants air dried. Google Translate came in and saved the day and so now I always re-download it whenever I go on another trip.

Facebook Messenger – This isn’t my preferred way of communication because I rather stay off of Facebook as much as I possibly can, but my family members use this to talk to me while I am away and I get messages from others sometimes so I keep it so I don’t miss people trying to talk to me.




Google Maps – I use this for finding vegan food for the most part, and I use this to get around new places.

 Waze – This is great if you’re traveling via car. It lets you know of cars on the side of the road, police, etc., and precise time estimations!


Other Apps To Travel With Ease


Weather App – I use this daily, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to be too accurate in terms of rainfall and things of that nature, but it’s good for a rough estimate in my opinion. I’m pretty sure everyone already uses this, but I thought I would include it anyway.

Mobile Passport – I keep this in a small folder for when I am coming back from a trip. Instead of waiting in the long customs line, you are able to fill out all of the questions on your phone and breeze through a shorter line.

Capital One – This is so I am able to keep track of my credit and my expenses. I am working on building my credit, so it’s good for me to have a visual of what I am spending.

Been – I keep this to keep track of everywhere I have traveled to because I like to have a visual, but it’s not required for you to travel. Right now I have been to 18% of the United States, 3 continents, and 2% of the world!



Let me know in the comments below what your favorite travel app is and make sure you pin this post for later down below!

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