The Best of Bali: Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

(Last Updated On: 21/11/2019)

The Banyumala Twin Waterfalls in Bali is, in my opinion, the most beautiful waterfall on the island for a few reasons: it’s secluded. it’s in the middle of the jungle, and it has a massive swimming pool at the bottom of it. What more could you want? Exploring this waterfall was one of the main highlights of my time in Bali and it’s a perfect stop in addition to all these other jaw-dropping locations in this 10-Day Bali Guide! Once you arrive in Bali, you’ll quickly find that this is a very special place with very many special places to spend your time. This is one of them! If you’re headed to Bali, here is everything you need to know to discover the Banyumala Twin Waterfalls!

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General Information

When To Get There | “Early as always” is my motto! There are few things better than being deep in the jungle with a waterfall all to yourself.

How To Get There | If you’re coming from Munduk, it’s around a thirty-minute ride to the entrance to the waterfall. It’s as simple as a quick google search and then you’ll be on your way.

If you’re coming from Canggu, it’s around 1.5 hours one way, so plan your day accordingly to get there early.

Entrance Fee | 15,000 IDR (~$1.50 USD)

Hiking Time | ~20 minutes down. This depends on how fast or slow you go, but it can get pretty steep going down and a little bit rocky towards the end. I had no problem getting down there, but it was a little muddy, so I took extra precautions.

Hiking Difficulty | Easy.

Waterfall Height | ~100 ish feet (30 meters)

What To Bring | Camera, camera accessories, camera or wet bag, cash, snacks (optional), and dry clothes.

What To Wear | Swimsuit, swim cover-up, and ideally, you want to take tennis shoes for the hike down. There are plenty of dry spots near the waterfall that you can dry off at so your shoes aren’t soaked.



As I mentioned before, I had a little scooter trouble before I headed here and I am honestly proud of myself for pushing through, making it to two other waterfalls before this one, and continuing to explore this one. It was at the entrance sign to this waterfall that I met the lovely family that offered to drive me for my next days stay. I think I have shared this on some other posts before, but I get extremely anxious when I drive, and I had not driven my entire trip throughout Bali, so to wreck my first time was a little expected, but I am glad I had someone that knew the road well and help me out. I am slowly, but surely, working my way towards being comfortable with it and this was my first little jump towards that.

So the entrance road to this waterfall is on the main two-lane road throughout the North that runs through Munduk and many other villages. The beginning of the trail (from what my petrified post scooter mindset remembers) was it resembling the top of a roller coaster right before it drops, so I opted to leave my scooter across the street (which is where you can get your photos in the famous hanging egg fixtures if you’re interested) and walk, which everyone looked at me like I was insane, but I had a nice time enjoying the scenery and snapping photos of the flowers along the trail.

The walk probably took me around 20-30 minutes, but you can easily drive your scooter down and take around five minutes. The trail can get steep and rocky at times, so I recommend having a little bit of experience before you take it on.

I finally made it to the entrance, after a very zen walk, and paid my few dollars to get in. Also, you have to pay for parking your scooter or car, so I got exercise AND I didn’t have to pay for parking; a win-win. I joined a couple of other people on the hike down and we made sure we were getting down safely, etc.. After visiting Aling Aling Waterfall and some other beautiful, but not as impressive waterfalls, I stopped dead in my tracks when we reached the bottom of these falls. It was truly one of those moments when you’re traveling and something is so indescribably breathtaking that you need to stop and remind yourself that, yes, this is real, and no, you’re not dreaming.

Luckily, (quite possibly before this waterfall had the hype it does today) the waterfall really wasn’t busy. I was a little worried on the way down that it would be swarmed with people, but when I got there, it was a few groups that had their own little spots set up on various slopes and altitudes, so it wasn’t bad, but make sure you get there early just in case.

It was like this waterfall was made for this photo because you swim out and right smack dab in the middle of the waterfalls is a platform large enough for one or two people to stand on for a photo op. I saw another fellow photographer with her family and I asked if she would take my photo for me; she agreed! This photo actually turned out to be one of my favorite travel photos to date! Everything about it I love, especially the size ratio.




After I returned and gave my stamp of approval for the photo, it was time for play! I could have swum underneath that waterfall all day if it weren’t for my fresh burn on my leg. So, bear with me, but there was skin hanging off the sides that kept flapping whenever I kicked my feet around, so the overall sensation was a little bit interesting, and the water was cold so prepare yourself for it! I didn’t swim for too long since it made my burn ache a little bit but floating underneath this thing was probably the highlight of my entire trip.

While testing out my new GoPro, I met a few friends, Ivan and Nico, and we swam around for a little bit and I ended up going underneath the waterfall (ish) and snapping more photos of this moment.

We all dried off and once we made it back to the entrance, Ivan and Nico offered to drive me back up the hill to my scooter which was so so kind since I wasn’t really looking forward to the walk up the giant hill at the end. So they dropped me off and we both went on our way. It was then that I met the nice family that offered to drive me to the next waterfall (and my remaining days left in Munduk). I need to mention their hospitality for a moment because they drove me to the doctor, supplied me with endless green tea and a couple of dinners for free even when I offered to pay them (I did pay them for driving me around). The locals on this trip were so kind to me and that truly made all the difference with not only my burn but my entire trip to Bali.



If you’re headed to Bali make sure that you add this to your list of must-sees while you’re there! Let me know in the comments below how locals have been kind to you in your travels.



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