Life At Sea: Month 6, 7, + 8 Roundup

(Last Updated On: 01/09/2019)

*taps mic* Is this thing on?!

*wipes the dust off keyboard* So it has been a minute… a HOT minute since I have last updated you all on what’s been poppin’ in my life. This draft has sat on my “to-do” list for quite some time now. It was supposed to go up, technically, in June, but I guess the reins were taken in a different direction. I got started on my Iceland and Utah content and here we are… three months later with probably the largest monthly roundup I have to date. A lot has gone on, over 6,000 miles have been driven, and a lot of my initial dreams and plans have drastically changed from what they once were. Has it been all the soul-searching on these last two trips? Or maybe I really am THAT indecisive. It’s more than likely the latter, but that’s kind of why I write these is to share my visions for the future and pour out my ideas out into the universe to keep them logged, keep me accountable, and to see what river the future months will sweep me down this time.

For the newest edition of Life At Sea, this month I will be covering my trip to Iceland, my trip to Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, my next trip/trip ideas, as well as the usual content you’ll find here like my blogging goals, blogging wins, fails, and the music that I have been loving recently. It’s all here, jam-packed into this incredibly extensive blog post, but I love to just put my ideas out there no matter how wild they may be and see where things go, so grab a snack, perhaps a cup o’ coffee, and let’s dive into the juicy details of June, July, and August, shall we?

This post may contain affiliate links for the products I mentioned, but as always, all opinions are my own. I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase or booking through these links. This helps to support this space and keep me blogging, which I am so extremely thankful for.

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Updates On Updates


You know, sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a textbook Libra, but here I am again with my indecisive self. If you read my Life At Sea: Month 5 Roundup, you’ll know that I was, or thought I was, 100% certain on converting a van. Well, now that’s turned into a backburner for a little bit. If you live any type of creative lifestyle, or even if you don’t, I cannot stress how important it is to have a space that reflects who you are and a space that makes you feel safe, peaceful, creative, and inspired. I’ve been in Texas for almost two full years now and I can say that I haven’t felt that way the entire time I’ve been here, and I feel like it’s actually gotten progressively worse.

There are a few reasons why I am not pursuing a van right now. The main one, however, is that a van does not have the stability that I crave and need at this moment in time. Right along with that, I am not in a place financially where I could purchase a van outright and have it 100% completed for me to live. It would be a project while I am still a project myself. As much as pouring money into an apartment won’t be any type of investment, I am respecting that it is just what I need right now in my life and I don’t mind spending that money if it means physical, emotional, and mental stability. I have mentioned before that this time in my life is going to be full of investments and while it is expensive to live in the area that I am in, I am respecting the messages I have been receiving to make this leap.

So, to put it simply: van has been transferred to the backburner and an apartment has been put to the top of the totem pole.


A New Direction For What Do You Sea

When I first started my website, I thought that ethical fashion was going to be a huge part of my website and that I was going to get my style in line, buuuuuuuut none of that really blew over how I thought it would, so now I am shifting the focus of my website away from ethical fashion and more towards adventure travel and outdoor experiences. I am still going to write about cities and the usual content, but I am just adding camping, hiking, and more adventurous things rather than ethical fashion. Within these posts I am going to mention sustainable and ethical products, it’s still a message that I feel very strongly about, I just won’t be talking about “fashion” related things since it’s really not what makes sense for me. 75% of the time I am in casual wear either for my job or because I am at home working on my website. I am starting to incorporate more style, but it’s not something that I feel pulled to talk about on my blog anymore. I already privated all the blog posts about ethical fashion, but if you ever want brand recommendations or want to look into it, always feel free to shoot me a message or email and I would love to talk and share resources.




Hello Iceland

Waking From A Dream

For some odd reason, it feels like I was in Iceland so long ago when really I’ve only been home for about a month and a half. It truly was one of those trips that you look back on and you think to yourself, “Wait, did that really happen?”. Iceland was so quick to sweep me off my feet and take me into this dream world that it is no wonder that people fall in love with this place so fast. I know I did. There are many places that I have been that still feel like a dream, but the landscape in Iceland is unmatched to anywhere else in the world. Let’s not forget about the people because they are a huge part of what makes the country so great. They are passionate about spontaneity and protecting the environment, something that I NEVER encounter here in suburbia. Time moves differently there and to say that I was able to see glaciers that formed over volcanos and canyons formed by the ice age is the most bizarre thing that I could have ever imagined. I think this trip reminded me that I am doing what I’ve always wanted and what I always believed that I would be doing; exploring the world.


My Four-Wheeled Home

My little two-door Suzuki Jimny became my home and I remembered what it was like to live out of my backpack again. I had a fully stocked kitchen, pantry, pop-up house (aka tent), mattress (aka sleeping bag), and everything that I could ever need packed right into the back of this little car and for the first time in a long time, I felt free. My travel plans were scrapped the morning of the first full day there, so I let the country guide me wherever I felt like I needed to be. I dropped expectations, got lost a couple of times, and drove over 1200 miles in only two weeks. This trip also confirmed that, in fact, van life IS the life for me, but for now I am waiting for the right time. Living minimally is a lifestyle I have always connected strongly with ever since I got rid of everything I owned after graduation.

Having my entire life in the back of this car reminded me of my first trip to Indonesia, except then I only had a backpack. I felt connected to the anxious, 18-year-old that I was and realized how much I have grown and experienced since then. I am so grateful.


“Because You Know I’d Walk *1200 Miles If I Could Just See…”

So, 1200 miles later and where the heck did I explore? For starters, my ring road plans were tossed out the window since my car had to be jumped started and then one of my favorite photographers, @sorelleamore, had a meetup announcement about a week after I arrived, so naturally I HAD to make it to that and I wouldn’t have been able to do the entire ring road and go to the meet up, so I explored the Snaefellness Peninsula, The West Fjords, and The South-To-East Coast. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ring road, it’s the main two-lane road that runs around the entire circumference of Iceland and most people road trip it for the full two weeks that they are in Iceland. That was my original plan, but the world had other plans, and I was okay with that. I know 100% that I am coming back to Iceland again to explore everything that I wasn’t able to see so I wasn’t too down on myself about missing out. Everything in Iceland that you want to see is nature-based unless you’re in Reykjavík, so I saw so many waterfalls, canyons, viewpoints, and other natural landscapes that blew anything that I’ve seen before right out of the water. I have a whole list of everything that I saw on my road trip, but the list would be a few large scroll lengths, so I am planning to write about specific ones and fill up my Iceland content so that you guys can read about it and hopefully plan your own trip there!


Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Yes. Yes. Yes. 100% Yes. Iceland may be expensive, but there is no other place on Earth like it.



Utah’s Mighty Five

The number one question I would get asked when I told people I was traveling to Utah was…“Utah? What’s in Utah?”.

Uh, well for starters, A LOT. There is SO much to see and do in Utah that even a week and a half wasn’t enough to explore all of the National Parks. I do believe that Utah is one of the more adventurous states in the US, so many people flock here to go backpacking, rafting, climbing, canyoneering, hiking, trail running, the list goes on. For the landscape being primarily of the desert essence, there are plenty of forests and other atmospheres that really make you feel like you’re in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s pretty easy to escape all the orange scenery, although it is incredibly beautiful. So the plan was to hit all the National Parks in Utah, there are FIVE, and then head down into Arizona to see the Grand Canyon! The trip was a huge success and my friend Lea and I are going to make it a priority to do a yearly backpacking/camping trip to some National Parks in the summertime, a commitment that was alarmingly easy to say “HELL yeah” to!

Next summer I believe we are going to wander somewhere around the Pacific Northwest, so I am really excited to get those mountain vibes for real REAL. For now, however, I want to jump into all of the National Parks we went to, what was my favorite part of each, and give you a little run down of what each of them has to offer! Starting with one of my personal favorites, Arches National Park; a treasure.



Arches National Park

Prior to this trip, I had never set foot in a National Park. I know, hard to believe, but I am glad that Arches was my first because it blew me away. We ended up getting to Moab a little late, which meant that my first moments in Arches were going to be when the sun rose and let me just say, there is no better way to experience driving through the park. The whole atmosphere is out-of-this-world and you can look for miles and miles over the National Park. 90% of the park is inaccessible by the masses, so it really gives you room to wonder. It’s called Arches National Park because, and you can probably guess, it has arches! Over two-thousand of them to be exact! While you can’t see every single once, a few notable ones that I enjoyed was Delicate Arch, Tower Arch, and most of the Arches in the Devil’s Garden.

We spent around 2.5 days exploring the park and we hit practically everything that was exclusive except for one hiking loop that we just didn’t have time for. By the last day we were arched out, so I think if you have two full days here it will be plenty of time, but go for three if you want to be thorough in your explorations.

I like this park so much because it’s easy to navigate, atmospheric as hell, and not too large that it gets overwhelming, but not too small that you get bored. A lot of the trails are straightforward and rather simple, so if you really want a challenge, Zion National Park might be more up your alley.

One thing that we did miss that sucked was that we weren’t able to hike the Fiery Furnace. The National Park recommended that you go with a guide your first time through since a ton of people get lost, but the next ranger-led hike wasn’t until we were out of the park, so we had to pass. I do believe it is one of the more challenging hikes in the park, so if you’re really experienced or want to do this hike with a guide, make sure you write it into your itinerary!



Canyonlands National Park

The next National Park on the list is Canyonlands National Park, which I think is the perfect spot if you love very extreme adventures. A lot of the park is made up of viewpoints and trails along the rim of the canyon, but the views here actually compete with the Grand Canyon if I am being quite honest. We only had a day here, so we didn’t get to see or do too much, but we hit up a lot of viewpoints, one of my favorites being the Mesa Arch. It’s one of the most popular sunrise spots in the whole park, but I still think it was the best view of our entire time there. I have a picture of the arch posted on my Instagram, so make sure you’re following me so that you keep up with me in real-time!

At some point, I would really love to explore the other two parts of Canyonlands National Park, The Needles and The Maze with, hopefully, a sweet, decked out Jeep by the time I am able to visit again! These are more remote parts of the park that can only be accessed with a 4×4 car, so missing out on these two areas kinda sucked, but we were limited on time and we had a great time in the main area anyway.

If you’re planning a visit, you can really do everything in one day, but if you want to explore the other areas as well, I would stick around here for like four to five days to really thoroughly explore everything.



Capitol Reef National Park

The least visited park in Utah is Capitol Reef National Park and while a lot of people just drive through here, it is well worth a day to spend wandering, which is exactly what Lea and I did. We had made plans to visit the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, but we didn’t have a 4×4 car to get there *sheds tear*, so we opted to do some really cool hikes around the main park area. My favorite hike was the Cassidy Arch Trail, blog post coming soon, because it was challenging, rewarding, and probably the coolest area of the entire park. Another really cool spot is right along the main road and that is all the orchards underneath the all the orange rock formations. The people that settled here way back when made water systems that allowed them to thrive and grow their own food in the middle of a desert landscape. Not sure how one ends up in the desert and decides they’re going to grow apple trees, but more power to them for engineering that and thriving with zero technology!

I liked that this park wasn’t as busy as the others we had visited so a lot of the hikes and views we had all to ourselves. It was a nice change of pace from the previous two parks and well worth a visit in my book.



Bryce Canyon National Park

So, for some reason, I had this feeling that I was going to LOVE Bryce Canyon. I didn’t know why, or how, or when, but I just knew that it was going to get five gold stars from me and once we saw the Bryce Canyon National Park sign… I knew. This park is up at 9000 feet above sea level and is probably the coolest and most unique park out of the five! There were a lot of trails that we had anticipated hiking, but once we got to the Visitors Center, one of the rangers showed us an alternative hiking route that would take us through most of the major trails on the eastern side of the park.

The mix of oranges, greens, and the stark blue in the skies here gave the park that huge wow factor, especially after being surrounded by only orange for about a week prior to arriving here. The days were really cool, despite being in full sun and the nights and mornings were that perfect cool morning weather without being too chilly. It made me really excited for flannels and fall weather, not so much winter, but I was really feeling those fall-ish vibes here.



Zion National Park

Did we save the best for last? Oddly enough, I didn’t have as much anticipation for Zion National Park than most, but it blew me away regardless. The worst part about the park is that it is so busy, especially during the beginning of August, but I actually enjoyed taking the shuttles around the park rather than having to drive after long hikes and early mornings.

I think that once we got to Zion that’s when all of the previous 4:30 am wake up calls and 15-mile hiking days started to catch up with us, or at least it caught up with me. It didn’t really help that we were surviving off camp food for the previous week and a half, but it’s safe to say that we were pretty wiped out from the sun and the strenuous hikes.

We ended up missing the first shuttles to Angels Landing two mornings in a row, so we decided that the universe was giving us a strong no those days, so we opted for other trails and we ended up hiking to Observation Point via the East Mesa Trailhead  and that is probably the best view in the entire park aside from the Narrows that I have experienced so far.

I really like Zion because of the sheer number of things and trails to do there, so a future trip is definitely going to be in the works, but in the shoulder season. I would love to go rappelling, canyoneering, and rock climbing in the park to experience it a different way. There are also more strenuous hikes like The Subway and The Narrows Top-to-Bottom Route that I really want to do as well, so it for sure has a spot on my “come back and see” list.



A ‘Grand’ Time At The Grand Canyon

When I heard about the Grand Canyon as a kid, I always thought it was going to be this massive, extravagant, out-of-this-world experience, but I really wasn’t blown away by it… The scenery was awesome, but I was more fascinated with the geology of the canyon than I was with the canyon itself. If you go into the geology museum in the park, you find out that there used to be a lake resting on top of the rock before the canyon was even formed millions of years ago. Plus, you’re able to see living history in the rock layers all throughout the canyon which I thought was equally as fascinating.

What would have made the trip 1000x better was if we actually hiked down into the canyon instead of just doing the 3-mile rim trail, but we were both so exhausted by the time we got here that an 11-hour hike was not on the top of our priority list. The rim trail is really just the same view all throughout, which don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome, but I guess it just wasn’t was I was expecting?

Oddly enough, I do want to go back, hike into the canyon, go on a doors-off helicopter tour, and maybe even go on a rafting tour down the Colorado River. I think THAT would be the experience of all experiences and I would pay some good cheddar to do that in the near future. Another thing that I am interested in doing is hiking the rim-to-rim trail which is essentially hiking from the north rim to the south rim or vice versa. When we arrived on the north rim, we overheard a man saying he was hiking rim-to-rim-to-rim! If you’re planning on paying a visit to the Grand Canyon at some point, I highly recommend doing an epic trek/tour along with the rim trail to get the full experience. Next year, I am going to try and get tickets for Havasupai and make a combo trip out of both of those and I think that’ll be really really fun! It might just be my 22nd birthday gift to myself, but who knows! It’s on my radar for sure though.



Where Am I Headed Next? Travel Dreams + Ideas

As much as I would love to call myself an organized, year-in-advance travel planner, I am really not. Most of the time before I head out on a trip, the idea pops into my mind and shortly after the flight ends up getting booked and I go haywire on all things planning, researching, and preparing for my latest rendezvous. Is it ideal? Not so much, but the excitement of heading somewhere new makes all the stress worthwhile. So, while going to any of these places would be awesome, they are just ideas and not that deep, heart-racing gut feeling I get when I know my next travel destination. Well, except maybe one of them. All of these places do excite me, but just take them with a grain of salt as I honestly have no idea where I am headed next. It adds to the fun and the mystery, but for now, here are all the places on my radar:


Southeast Asia

Okay, so there are a couple of different types of travelers and I quickly found out that I am a die-hard Southeast Asia fan. It’s a place that I will always long to go back to and this time I have A LOT of different countries in mind to pay a visit: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, East Indonesia, The Philippines (again), India, and Myanmar. PHEW. The best part about traveling here is that your money goes incredible far, especially if you’re a traveler from the United States, Canada, or Australia. For a time frame, a friend and I have visions of staying here for around three months wandering around a combination of the countries listed above. It’ll be the longest I have ever been away from home, but being in the bustle and rush of Asia is something that has popped into my brain again and again. Moneywise, you can travel Southeast Asia for three months for around $3,000-$5,000 USD and be comfortable which rounds out to be like $30/Day and $50/Day. I don’t really have a budget set or any dates in mind, but for everyone that would assume that traveling for three months is expensive, it’s not the truth in Asia. You can live so lavishly in these countries, so if you ever want to take a trip but don’t want to spend your life savings, head over to Asia!



Ooo-la-la, SPAIN! Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, and Ronda are all hotspots that have been brought to my attention via Pinterest and my best friend recently, so a summer trip may be in the woodworks for 2020. I wish I had more to say about it other than I plan on having an epic girls trip, but I really want to break out a film camera and get some shots inspired by Cameron Hammond. He is one of my favorite photographers and I adore his style of photography. I’ve always been drawn to vintage, tropical photography so I am hoping to break out my shell a little bit and try something new. Of course, I plan on doing some heavy exploring as well, but I think it will be a huge change from the traveling that I am used to, so I am excited to see how those plans roll out in the future.


Pacific Northwest

I can’t even begin to say how many times I have tried to get myself to Washington and every single time those plans fall through almost immediately. So at this point, I am waiting on a huge blinking neon sign from the universe telling me to go to the Pacific Northwest, and I think maybe, JUST MAYBE, it might be next summer if the stars align and it’s time for me to go then. Lea and I, the friend I went to Utah with, decided that we wanted to make a yearly camping trip to some National Parks every summer and since she might be interning in Portland or Seattle, it would be the perfect time to go to Olympic National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, and another national park in Oregon somewhere. I am so stoked that I found a new love for hiking and camping AND that I have a friend that I travel well with and that enjoys it just as much as I do. So, you all may catch me up in the pines this summer, but stay tuned for my finalized plans!



Peru… Peru… Peru… Ever since I was in 6th grade and read about Machu Picchu during a test, it has been a place that has filled me with wonder and excitement every time I think about heading there. For a long time now, it hasn’t been the right time for me to go, but within this last week, I have had this very strong urge to pack up and roam around the country for a month. Yes, a MONTH. Do I know why? Not really. Do I know when? Sort of. It’s just the next place that I feel pulled to be, but I still need to figure out logistics since rainy season isn’t good for hiking Machu Picchu, so it might fall somewhere around next fall and I think it might be the best place to spend my 22nd birthday. For now, this is what feels right. Whatever right is, exactly. There are a lot of other places that do excitement, but Peru feels like a person screaming “YES!!!!!!!” into my ear over and over again. So naturally, I need to follow that gut feeling and plan to head out there at some point. Honestly, no complaints here and I am REALLY looking forward to it. I have been waiting for this message to go for quite some time now, so the fact that it is here speaks volumes.



Blogging  Overview For August

Monthly Page Views: 5,260

Monthly Sessions: 3,728

Pinterest Reach: 343,000+

Domain Authority: 10

Page Authority: 22


Blogging Highlights

My organic search traffic went from 8% to 10%!

As I update my old blog posts and write them to actually rank for things in Google, I have found that my OST has risen 2% this past month! When I first started my blog, I wasn’t writing anything to be SEO-friendly, so as I write new blog posts and update old ones, eventually, I want this number to be over 75% ideally, but it’s going to be a little bit before it gets there. This is important for me so that if social media ever falls off the face of the planet, I know that people will still be able to find my website via Google. Right now, the majority of my traffic is coming from Pinterest and social media in general, so seeing this shift in traffic really excites me and keeps me inspired to keep working hard!


I made $30+ in affiliate sales!

On a large scale, $30 really isn’t anything to ride home about, BUT I am still stoked to see that my affiliate marketing is kind of finally doing something. In the future, I want passive income to be my main source of income, so this is a small jump but I am planning on taking a course and hopefully get better at the whole marketing thing.


I am (unofficially) yet officially going to my first blogging event/conference!

I am at a point in my blogging “career” (it’s weird to type that out) where I want to actively seek out brands to work with to build my portfolio and connect with other like-minded ladies that love traveling the world as much as I do. So, what better place to do that than the Women In Travel Summit that is going to be held in Kansas City, Missouri in May of 2020! This event is perfect to kick-off my official “hey, I exist on the internet” appearance since it’s in my home state and it gives me plenty of time to get my blog posts updated and my site 100% ready for presentation, as well as business cards that I can hand out during the event!



June, July, + August In Review

I feel like these three months have been incredibly steady all around the board, so starting at the end of August (so technically now), I am really getting serious about updating a blog post a week as well as posting a brand new blog post AND I am trying out a different way to promote my pins which includes more pinning to my own boards and seeing how that influences my traffic overall. My main goals right now are to bump up my organic search traffic to over 75% of my total traffic, which is going to take a while, but with updating more of my blog posts and giving them the SEO, formatting, and refresh that they need, I am confident they will start ranking as the months go on and that will help contribute as well. I am really excited to have everything properly written, formatted, and promoted on my website so that everything is cohesive again.

In the up and coming months, I plan on making a lot more investments into my website and really digging into putting more detail and pizazz into my pages and getting a little bit more customization done with my website designer. In these last couple of months, I updated my travel resources page so that you all know exactly where I get all the best flights, gear, and sites I use to book my travels. It’s a lot easier to read, way more user-friendly, and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing, which is what I am all about.

Other than that, I have just been uploading regularly and kinda doing my thang behind the scenes so there isn’t much to say beyond that, but I am sure as the months pass that there will be more ideas and things added to my to-do list, but for now, just keep an eye out for updating content and new interactive pages on the site!


Published Blog Posts + Updated Blog Posts




September Goals

Monthly Page Views: 5,600

Monthly Sessions: 4,000

Pinterest Reach: 400,000

Domain Authority: 12

Page Authority: 24


What I’m Learning / Have Learned

Done is better than perfect.

Growing up I was always the A+ student. I could read at a high level for my age. I ALWAYS got straight A’s. Everything I did was recognized as being “accelerated, intelligent, incredible, etc..”. I think that a lot of people are always aiming to make their parents proud and growing up, that was all I received from my mom, dad, and my teachers. As I have grown up and moved out of the school part of my life, this need for praise, recognition, and that A+ lifestyle has carried with me into “adulthood”. I don’t feel like an adult just yet, but I guess that’s the right label for where I am at currently (I still buy dinosaur pasta and that isn’t stopping anytime soon haha). But I guess what I am here to say is that after growing up and being this picture-perfect student, it has translated into turning me into my own, very worst critic. Now, nothing is good enough. I can always find something wrong with anything that I do. If I have an unproductive day then I am a failure. If I don’t get to something that I needed to I am lazy. I have just been so hard on myself for being human and needing brain breaks, and sometimes a couple of days off to just be.

I am starting to realize that it is OKAY if I didn’t so absolutely everything on my to-do list, or if I trucked through writing a blog post that I hate, or if I woke up late and prioritized other things and didn’t get anything that I needed to done (that is a prime example of the morning I am writing this). We can strive for perfection, but having these expectations for ourselves all the time can be really damaging to our mental and emotional health. It’s great to have goals and to want things to be the best that they can be, but try to recognize more of your own efforts and know that the work you do is good, really good.

For the rest of this year, I am working more on how I view myself and my work and that I AM good enough.




Our time should be spent in the present moment.

This sounds so obvious, like yeah Aaren what other moments would we live in?

Well, I have been reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and the messages in this book have been incredibly powerful. I haven’t finished it yet, but the main message that has stuck with me so far is that we spend the vast majority of our time thinking of the past or the future.

“…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.” – The Power of Now

It talks a lot about how our thoughts then control our emotions and it can send us in a spiral when our thoughts get out of hand. I’ve found that whenever I am stressed, anxious, irritable or any other ‘off’ emotion, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the past and future. I am looking forward to finishing this book (at some point) and gathering more knowledge to better my life. It’s hard for me to explain every small detail of this book, but know that it is a good resource if you’re trying to better yourself mentally.

If you are interested in reading The Power of Now, you can purchase it on Thriftbooks, my personal favorite online store to buy books from for a discounted price AND an extra 15% for your first purchase! Buying used books in new condition is a great way to recycle and save you a ton of money, so check out Thriftbooks if you’re in need of any new reads!



Camping is the shit!

I’ve always had this feeling that I was going to love camping, but I never thought that I would love it as much as I actually do. I think that there is something so intimate (not meaning in a sensual way) about sharing the experience of sleeping under the stars and hiking till your feet can’t take you any further. There are bonds made with the people you share this experience with and that is so special to me. I like that there are minimal distractions as long as your not in service and it forces you to get creative to find entertainment or whip out a board game. I think this trip really glued mine and Lea’s friendship and we are a lot closer from sharing this experience. I am so grateful to be able to share times like these with my close friends and I am excited to make more camping trips in the future with Lea or with Lea and some other friends!





Self Care / Mac Miller

Lost in Japan / Shawn Mendes

Fly Me To The Moon / Frank Sinatra




Somebody Else / The 1975

Sideways / Santana + Citizen Cope



Is This Love / Bob Marley

Sleep On The Floor / The Lumineers

Work Song /




Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Remix) / Astronomyy

Bimmer / Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean (alt)

Listen to the alternative version here on Youtube

Señorita / Shawn Mendes + Camila Cabello



What were some things you enjoyed in the month of August? Share with me in the comments below!


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